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12 week

12 Weeks of Workouts + 12 Weeks of Nutrition, the total package! All it takes is 12 Weeks to transform your mind and body. You’ve most likely bought into other programs in the past that didn’t really deliver results as you expected but my program isn’t about making claims I can’t live up to. I teach people, specifically busy, multi-tasking individuals, how to eat and train like I do! Let's be honest, nobody wants to spend a ton of time working out or cooking for hours in a day. That's why I've created an effective yet doable 3 month program  to help you reach your goals. The best part is... it's completely online and it works! I provide all the tools necessary, including a 12 week Nutrition Guide in combination with Zoom total body, high calorie burning, HIIT workouts. Zoom classes are offered every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:00 AM LIVE. Can't make the 10:00 AM LIVE class? No problem! I also include pre-recorded Zoom links. You can view the Zoom classes at your own convenience, any place, at any time with minimal equipment. A yoga mat, two sets of dumbbells (light set 5-8lbs & heavy set 10-15lbs), and a mini resistance band is required. All clients have lifelong access to my private Facebook groups with exclusive home workouts, fitness tips, home recipes, product recommendations, accountability, informational links, and a chance to share progress/communicate with other bodybylulu clients. BOOK NOW to reserve your spot, space is limited.


TBA - email to inquire

*Option to ADD-ON In-Person Training Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9:00 AM located at 4422 sw 73 Ave.

Benefits of the 12 Week Online Program:

• 3 Months of Zoom Group Training

• LIVE & Pre-recorded Zoom links

• 12 Week Nutrition Guide

• Different workouts every class

• Comfort of your home

• Convenient schedules

• Low impact workouts available 

• Decreases body fat

• Improves muscle tone

• Shredding fat occurs up to 24 hours post
exercise - “afterburn effect”

• Burns up to 500 calories per session

• Lifelong access to private Fitness Facebook group

• Lifelong access to private Nutrition Facebook group

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