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Group training

Group Training is a total body 55 minute High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) class that alternates between intense bursts of activity and short periods of less-intense activity, burning up to 500 calories in a single session. This class is a strength based HIIT, utilizing bodyweight, weights, and resistance band exercises to burn fat while simultaneously building lean muscle. HIIT forces your body to use energy from fat which makes losing fat more efficient as opposed  to steady state cardio. Not only will you lose the weight but you will KEEP the weight off! HIIT workouts stimulate the production of your human growth hormone (HGH). This, in turn, increases your metabolism in the short-term and after consistent HIIT workouts, increases your overall metabolic rate. An improved rate of metabolism makes it less likely for you to gain weight. BURN MORE CALORIES AT REST! A healthy metabolic system can rid toxins from your body more efficiently. It can also burn calories even after you finished, during the 24 hours post-workout. 


Group training sessions are available to any age, both men and women, and all levels of fitness (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced). Clients are able to move at their own pace and any exercise can be modified accordingly. Every session starts with a total body stretch/warm-up, followed by a fat burning/muscle toning circuit and ends with a cool down stretch. Group Training includes 5 sessions per week (see schedule below). In-person sessions are located at Flowstate Studios: 4422 SW 73 Avenue Miami, FL 33155.


Weekly Schedule

MON - Zoom LIVE 10:00 AM or Pre-recorded

TUES - Flowstate Studios 9:00 AM

WED - Zoom LIVE 10:00 AM or Pre-recorded

THUR - Flowstate Studios 9:00 AM

FRI - Zoom LIVE 10:00 AM or Pre-recorded

*Click here for more ZOOM info

Benefits of Group Training:

• Builds strength and stamina using the
energy of the group 

• Increases athletic performance

• Increases cardio vascular endurance 

• Decreases body fat

• Improves muscle tone

• Shredding fat occurs up to 24 hours
post exercise - “afterburn effect”

• Burns 500 or more calories per class

• Lifelong access to private Fitness Facebook Group


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