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Personal Training

Personal Training is a 45 minute one-on-one session designed specifically to every client’s needs and goals. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, core training, endurance, cardiovascular health, lower cholesterol, etc, the workouts are tailored to specific end results. The first session will consist of a consultation, a fitness assessment, measurements, and a 12 week nutrition guide. Private training sessions are available to all levels of fitness (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced), all ages, both men and women, pregnant and post-partum. Clients with past injuries/restrictions are highly recommended to engage in one-on-one sessions rather than a group setting. This is a 12 week minimum program offered Monday - Friday in packages from 2x/week to 5x/week available at the gym, live online, or in the convenience of your home. Private gym sessions are located in the South Miami area at 4422 SW 73 Avenue. All clients have lifelong access to my private Facebook groups with exclusive home workouts, fitness tips, home recipes, product recommendations, accountability, motivational messages, drop-in Live Facebook workouts/seminars and a chance to share progress/communicate with other bodybylulu clients.

Benefits of Personal Training:

• Custom workouts

• 12 week nutrition guide 

• Convenient scheduling 

• Low impact workouts available 

• Decreases body fat

• Improves muscle tone

• Shredding fat occurs up to 24 hours post exercise - “afterburn effect”

• Burns up to 500 calories per session

• Lifelong access to private Fitness Facebook group

• Lifelong access to private Nutrition Facebook group

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