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Here's the 8 Week Summer Program that is going to change your life! In the past year, I've transformed over 200 bodies online...imagine what I can do IN-PERSON! An opportunity like this doesn't come often and space is LIMITED since it is Semi-Private Training. Your membership includes unlimited sessions for 8 weeks, allowing you to participate in up to 40 sessions (Mon-Fri) starting June 14th to August 6th. In-person sessions will be held MWF at 12:00 PM and T+Th at 10:00 AM. The sessions are 55 minutes each and include a stretch, a total body 45 minute workout, and a cool down. There are pregnancy safe and low impact options available for every level. In addition to in-person training, you will also have access to my Zoom online workouts (LIVE or Pre-recorded) in the event that you cannot attend a session or will be traveling. And it gets better, I will also send you my exclusive Nutrition Guide and host a one hour Zoom Health Seminar before we begin. Sessions will be located at a privately owned gym in South Miami, 4422 SW 73 Ave


  • Unlimited sessions 5x/week

  • Up to 40 sessions, $20/session

  • Drop-in sessions available

  • bodybylulu Nutrition Guide

  • Access to Zoom online workouts

  • Before & After pics + measurements

  • Weekly Accountability

  • Mandatory Zoom Health Nutrition Seminar on Thursday, June 10th at 8:00 PM

  • Lifelong access to my exclusive Private Facebook Group where you will receive weight loss tips, home workouts, home recipes, & product recommendations

Click 'BOOK NOW' for pricing & reservations:

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